Until We Meet Again…

Sunshine. All throught the week the sky wept in droves, echoing the sadness that filled my heart. But today, the Sun came out and smiled down on our small group as we said our final goodbyes to Sonus. My brother in arms and sometimes my protector, he was the only reason I knew about the […]

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The End of It All

I’ve clearly lived more lifetimes than most as an immortal. Each one coming with a different host of characters. Many bad, few good. And eventually, at some point, I’ve walked away from them all. A handful were people I’d actually grown to care a lot about…it was for their own good…for my own good. And […]

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Another step on the journey

It had been a long time, life had moved on and I’d moved on to some semblance of normality.  One phone call had broken that, Elemental’s voice had delivered a blow that I’d not expected.  Cancer.  Sonus had Cancer, it was terminal, it was aggressive and he hadn’t long left.  He was a superhero and […]

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Catastrophic Losses

Sonus was dying and there was nothing we could do about it. Our fearless leader – though he’d never admit to it – was facing death and there was nothing any of us could do. We’d faced demons, aliens, monsters, superpowered villains…you name it, we’d seen it and we’d triumphed. But this…this was a killer […]

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Wake up

Tick… Tick… Tick… I’d counted over 10,000 of the damn things. Almost 3 hours of counting seconds, sheep, drips on the window pane. Tick… Tick… Tick… Sleep wasn’t always my closest companion.  We’d had our moments, and since Naomi and I had come home from DC we’d become much better acquainted. This last week something had changed […]

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